Sunday, July 30, 2017

Comfortable periodontal surgery

Laser periodontal surgery is comfortable. The old flap and graft procedures yielded considerable soreness, but LANAP (laser-assisted new attachment procedure) is vastly superior when it comes to post-operative pain. I've yet to have a patient who has had it done both ways prefer flap procedures. We want our treatment to be effective and pain free, which is why most of our periodontal treatment involves LANAP. No cutting, no suture, very little discomfort. Let us show you how effective periodontal treatment should be.

Implants are ordinary dentistry

There was a time, when I was first in practice, that dental implants were a rarity. People had little idea what they were and why they might need them. Times have changed and the average patient now wants an implant over any other method of tooth replacement. There's good reason for the popularity of dental implants. Across a myriad of studies, the success rate for dental implants is 95-98%. I can't think of another procedure in dentistry that even approaches that kind of success rate. Heck, orthopedic surgeons would be thrilled to have access to a hip replacement with that kind of effectiveness. Now, by state law, acceptable alternatives to any type of treatment have to be offered to patients who are seen in our office, and that includes doing nothing at all as an option. That being said, teeth play a huge part in our lives, from eating to smiling, so, why not get the very best replacement? In most cases, dental implants are the best alternative, and, in many cases, the least expensive when you take into account that most people will keep an implant for a lifetime. The same cannot be said for fixed bridges and conventional dentures.